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First of all, our most common type of moving service that we provide are the local moves service. We are a group of mainly Regina Movers so we mostly move within this area though we are not restricted. It is always great to choose a local mover since they will be more experienced about the routes and the local area than international ones. Therefore, if you are located in Regina, it will be beneficial to you to choose a Regina local moving company - Regina Moving Company. We are very experienced in the local moving and before we move, we will always provide a plan for you. We will look through the house and see what types of furniture and items you have. Then, we will give you a plan of how we think what items should be moved with what. Usually, we will say that all furniture should be moved together either in two or three trips depending on how much you have. Next, will be the kitchenware and home decor. We can always help you with boxing them so that they will not break during the move. After, will be the electronics such as computers and printers. To ensure that these don't break since they are experience, we can provide you with special foam that will ensure that they don't get ruined during the moving trip. Lastly, will be the miscellaneous items that are just lying around the house. We are always willing to help out, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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