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The last type of service that we offer are long distance moving services. We can move from all across Canada from one side to the other. Since we moving such long distances, it might take a few days before we can arrive to the destination. We would stop to ensure that the items are not broken during the trip. To make your arrives quicker and not have to wait for days before all your items arrives, we will use more than one truck at one time. Therefore, the customer will be able to move into their house faster and more efficiently. In addition, some people may not want to take their car while they physically move from place to place. As a result, we offer services to move cars as well. We handle the car very preciously and make sure nothing gets dented, ruined or broken. Always, we make sure that your items arrive to you in perfect condition and shape as they were giving to us. Moreover, if you find that some of your items are ruined, feel free to contact us and we will take care of that. Enjoy our services and have a great moving time with Regina Moving Company.

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