Local Moving

boxes on a trolly cart

As local movers here in Regina, the most common service we do for our customers is residential moving or relocation. The team at Regina Movers has expertise in transporting your precious belongings door-to-door in perfect condition. Our moving company is local to the community, and our friendly team will help you feel comfortable wherever you are moving from.

Our drivers are local movers who are knowledgeable about the area’s traffic patterns, because you don’t want to waste time with your life suspended between locales. We calculate accurate times to streamline our trips for safe and efficient transport. Our experience with home moving in Regina allows us to work efficiently and minimize the cargo area and trips needed.

Getting Started

When you need moving or relocation services, we’ll quickly review your needs and create a custom quote for your move. We won’t just hand you a price, but will thoroughly answer any questions you have.

Additional Moving Services

We know moving is a stressful time, so we work to reduce worries by offering any level of service you require. Whether you need business or home packing, storage, car transport, or just have a special request, we’ll do everything we can to make your next move a great one.