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Our long distance movers are specialists and will help alleviate the stress of embarking on your long distance move. Though relocation into or out of a community is never easy, we can help out no matter where you’re going across Canada.

Though we’re based in Regina, we provide the same level of expert care and dependability no matter where you plan to end up. Our team knows how to keep your property safe for a long trip, and our drivers are experienced in secure long-distance transport and delivery.

Safe for the Long Haul

Our Regina team can move you anywhere across Canada. Our expertise and the services we provide are there to make your move is as stress-free as possible.
  • We can handle multi-day trips to your destination. You can keep your belongings with one carrier and save the hassle and risk of using different companies.
  • The safety of your property is our main concern. We will revise plans as needed to ensure the items are protected throughout the trip.
  • To speed delivery without extra risk, our team can supply more than one truck for your move.
  • As part of our turnkey approach, we can move your car or truck stock safely. Our drivers are competent and careful, so you can count on perfect delivery without incurring scratches, dents or other damage.
We’d love to hear about your next move and how we can make it a great experience. Give us a call or send for a quote today!

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