family packing

The crew that was sent to me did an excellent job. My husband and I took care of the packing and was almost ready but then they double checked it before they moved it on the truck. Furnitures was well wrapped too. It was the smoothest move I ever experienced and there was no problem occured. I have to tell my cousin about this as she is also planning to move and live in with her boyfriend. Thank you Regina Movers!
Joanne, 26, Regina

Moving is stressfull. That’s a fact. However, I never felt any stress of my move the other day. Thanks to Regina Movers. They took care and made the day for us. Highly recommended and will keep them in mind for future moves. Thanks again!
Megan, 27, Regina

I highly recommend this Regina Movers. We had a local move (like 5miles only) but the movers came w/ full force. Complete moving materials was provided and the truck was good for our heavy items. The crew was courteous and hardworking. They would even ask for any instructions though they professionally know what to do. Being 15minutes early is also much appreciated. Thank you so much!
Lauren, 28, Regina

You’re a big help Regina Movers! Thank you so much for the effort and for working diligently. I have 2 paintings, large cabinets and sleeper sofa and they were all handled carefully. I definitely recommend you guys!
Michelle, 31, Regina

I used Regina Movers the other day, was really tough because they had to go up to the third floor to move my things. They were helpful w/ each other and was doing the move smoothly. The final price was fair and I tipped them each as I am very happy with the overall service. The cew deservedt. Thanks!
Tracy, 32, Regina